ICAO - The International Civil Aviation Organisation

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Every hour of every day, 365 days a year, and aeroplane takes off every few seconds somewhere on the face of the earth. People on the ground and in the air handle each and every one of these flights in the same way and the organisation responsible for setting these complex standards and procedures is the International Civil Aviation Organisation, which is a part of the United Nations Organisation. The ICAO is working on, among other things, improving the safety of the African air transport sector and implementing a new navigation standard worldwide in an attempt to achieve its aims. The United Nations Organisation was founded on 24 October 1945 with 51 member states and this number has since grown to 192 Member States. The UN was founded to bring all nations of the world together to strive for peace and development based on the principles of justice, human dignity and the well being of all people. It is made up of 6 principle organs: Trusteeship Council, Security Council, General Assembly, International Court of Justice, Economic and Social Council and Secretariat. ICAO’s main role is the creation, modernisation and implementation of universally accepted standards for use in international civil aviation and assisting in the planning and development of international air transport to ensure the industry remains safe, efficient and orderly as it evolves. It is responsible for updating the Convention on International Civil Aviation, via annexes. These standards cover all technical and operational aspects of international civil aviation including safety, personnel licensing, operation of aircraft, aerodromes, air traffic services, accident investigation and environmental. ICAO’s aims are to guide the global civil aviation syst... ... middle of paper ... ...000, ICAO [Online] Available , Accessed 15 June 2011. ‘ICAO | Office of the Secretary General (OSG)’, 2011, ICAO [Online] Available , Accessed 15 June 2011. ‘ICAO Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Programme’, 2011, ICAO [Online] Available , Accessed 15 June 2011. ‘ICAO | Strategic Objectives’, 2011, ICAO [Online] Available , Accessed 15 June 2011. ‘International Civil Aviation Organization’, 2011, Wikipedia [Online] Available , Accessed 15 June 2011. ‘Roberto Kobeh González | President of the Council’, 2011, ICAO [Online] Available , Accessed 15 June 2011.

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