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In my chemistry class Ava is there almost everyday and has a really good grade in the class. But one of my other classmates is the opposite, he shows up every other day and his grades are below passing. The act of staying away from school without good reason is called truancy. Truancy is among one of the biggest issues we face at Nebraska City High School and the imposition of harsher consequences, making school more appealing, and offering positive peer influences are some of my solutions to fix this problem. Truancy is one of the top issues that we face at Nebraska City High School. The current policy is that a student should not have any more than eight unexcused absences for each semester, or twenty total for the year. Based on reports gathered from Mrs. Russel eighteen students grades 9 through 12th have already violated the school’s truancy policy. In the first semester of school this year 63 students missed more than the eight days mark. As we find ourselves almost half way through second semester, a total of 22 students are again over eight days. If students fail to show up to school grades will suffer and they will fail to graduate. Starting off in the world without a high school diploma will hurt opportunities to find a stable well paying job. One way to handle truancy is to enforce harsher consequences. In the student handbook it states that, “Students are expected to attend school every day it is in session.” When I read this I laughed a little to myself. I take a class with a student who will, on a good week, show up to school three out of five days. If he does show up, he will never be on time. When asked why he does not show up to school more often his usual response is, “Why should I when there is no real punish... ... middle of paper ... ...r them they can agree to pick up the other student on days that they can. What about the legal side of this? The legal issue is the most important part of this program. The student that is wanting the ride will have to have his/her parent sign a release form stating that it is alright if the other student drives them to school. The same would go for the student giving the ride and release form would have to be signed give the student permission to drive their fellow student to school. Truancy is a big problem at Nebraska City High School, and in other schools around the country. My solutions for this problem is the enforcement of harsher punishment, making school more appealing to students, and by making a positive peer influence available. If one or all of these solutions were to be put in place the student who never is at school could become a straight A student!
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