I love to Hunt

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The several different things about hunting methods consist of many types of weapons and also the peacefulness of the wildlife and the rush of the closeness of many wild game. My hunting falls into three groups based on the weapons I use: bow, rifle, and shotgun.
First, I use my bow to kill large game. It is a challenge because, I have to be close to my prey and also have steady hands when pulling back my bow. The advantage of using my bow is the silence when it’s shot. I use arrows with broad heads. The broad heads come in many different types and style. My shot is much closer and it will be a much cleaner kill. I want have much damage to the meat after the kill, so the meat is less mangled.
The deer will bleed and makes it much easier for me to find the dead animal after the kill. The disadvantages of using a bow are your shot has to be much closer to the animal. I will also need a clearer path for the arrow to hit, so that my target will not be blocked by any objects. If my arrow misses my target, this will not be a clean kill. If my shot is bad, the deer will be injured.
Second, I use my rifle in shooting larger game such as deer. Bullets for my rifle come in many different calibers and grains. The rifle also fires center- fire ammo. It also has a scope mounted on top of the barrel. It also has a sling which I can use to carry my gun for a long walking distance. It also has loops that will hold my ammunition. These comes in handy for me in reloading my rifle. I use my rifle in my deer stand, in a shooting lane or a highline, and also in baited fields. The challenge for me in using a rifle with a scope is that, I must have steady hands and also a place to rest my rifle. My balance has to be ri...

... middle of paper ... is the perfect gun. I can use it in duck blinds and boats. It is also easy to maintain and clean. It can also use it for shooting several different types of game just by changing the shells. It is also easier to carry getting in and out of the boats. I can also find my shells a lot easier because of their size and color. Shotguns are also cheaper.
The disadvantages of my shotgun are the loud kick and also the shorter range. It will also jam a bullet a lot quicker than a rifle will. When shooting my shotgun, I have to lead ahead of the duck, or I will miss my shot. Cleaning my kill, it can be difficult because of the pellets that the shells left behind in my game, and I have to pick the pellets out of my kill.
These are some of my favorite ways of hunting, Work, I have enjoyed for many years that have giving me great pleasure and many wonderful times.
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