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Crime in some places is getting out of control, while some local and others distant we still shall, in every way possible, protect our fellow people. We are all concerned about the crime rate in our country. We have many questions about the crime rate in our country. We want answers. Why is the crime escalating? Why does it seem like nobody cares? Is there really a solution to the crime? There are solutions to the problem, but are we really ready to take on the challenge. Would we be able to reduce the murder rate from 60 each year to 10?I think we can. The truth is that we all are in someway contributing to the increasing crime rate in our country. We ignore even the most devastating crimes. We turn our heads and close our eyes when we know something is wrong. Maybe we should let the crime continue since so many are living off of it, well criminals at least. So why stop crime when it is, for some, putting money in our pockets and food on our plates? Citizen based police programs such as neighborhood watch and community policing. Should be recognized in all high crime rated cities in an effort to try and stop most crimes from vandalism to murder. In 2008 a study was conducted by the U.S. justice department meta-analysis “Does Neighborhood Watch Reduce Crime? The study revealed that neighborhoods, which established a neighborhood watch program decreased their crime average by 16%. Obviously most people would prefer a safe living environment; also these types of programs bring the community somewhat together and create a type of environment that in which you know most of the people in your community. For those who are reclusive at least you’ll still be able to have a safe and suitable neighborhood. The U.S. Department of justic... ... middle of paper ... ... These services should be offered before they get arrested in an effort to prevent them. In conclusion crime not only here locally, but all over the United States of America is getting out of control and yes there may be places were crime is easing up but there is also places were its worsening from the looks of it there is no real action being done to prevent crime. An estimated 15,000 murders due to violent crime in 2012 alone here in the U.S. there is a lot the you can do as an individual all you have to be is willing full, dedicated, and motivation an there is tons you can accomplish for example talking to kids that are close and telling them the dangers and consequences of committing crimes especially violent ones. You can also, if your one who is dedicated, maybe volunteer at some places that provide street safety programs and the most simplest will help

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