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California, beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and divine weather, but how much time do Californians and tourists have to enjoy these heavenly environments? California has always been thought to be one of the greatest states in America. People have traveled from all over the world just to experience these adventures, inviting many people to emigrate from their own states to live in this vast wonderland. Many people think this urban sprawl is great for the economy, which may be true, but heavy population means that the habitat must be destroyed in order to make new homes. Pollution is also a big factor to the loss of nature; many favorite spots are being closed due to the pollution people leave. This pollution contaminates the water, erodes the soil, and poisons the wildlife. California’s wildlife management has closed many parts of nature to help restore the environment due to the carelessness of people. This may also work as a scare tactic to others who fear there will not be a beautiful California in the near future. It leaves worries for outdoors enthusiasts, but what about t...
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