I am not the show runner

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This has been the premise around which I have built my reputation, client base, riches, and my Gold Palace. Okay. Okay. Don't look all that bored. You've heard worse things than this. Like, who is Paris Hilton dating? You get my drift. Lets start at the very beginning. Around 14 Billion years ago, our Universe was just a small dot. Or you can say a fraction of an inch; to be precise, just a few millimeters. Then, the famous Big Bang space appeared and universe grew in size to at least 90 times from that few millimeters. For the first 380,000 years after the Big Bang, there was no light It took another million of years before light was unleashed as we know today. The universe began to tumble out of its dark ages. Time moved very slowly then. Of course we can fast forward. Our solar system came in existence. In terms of evolution, things became slightly more lively....world took form with its water bodies, oceans, rivers, lakes, plants and animals and as we know today. Are you still with me? Tiredness is setting in. Your brain is figuring out where's the real thing. You're calculating, dude I have already read 155.14 words, this old man is talking about Big Bang. Doesn't he know in the age of Google everything is just a button away. Patience Boys and Girls. Read till the end. This is better than Google. Invest your time reading another 667.141 words. I promise you, you shall be worry free for the the rest of your lives. You would be adept to handle the trickiest relationship issues at work and home. Your repertoire of tricks will include difficult bosses, bossy spouses, tantrum driven children, speedy fixes to professional and monetary challenges and many more, with an enlightened equanimity. We all know that astro... ... middle of paper ... ...ere. To tell you the truth, this doesn't surprise me, neither does it make me happy or sad. Predictions of soothsayers are like weather forecasts; it's meant to give us a sense of control and an imaginary say to the ever changing world around us. If we appreciate this minor detail, flirting with them is really harmless. Though the reality is, we cannot decide on the days of our e births and deaths and for that matter, circumstances and situations of our lives. I owe you a clarification. I was not telling you the complete truth about not being happy or sad. It was only partly true; something like when we say that sun rises in the east; but we all know, that sun is the stationary one, so how can it rise. But we are still stuck in the ancient geocentric line of dialogue. Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo would not have approved their hard work being taken so lightly.
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