I am a millionaire now

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I followed Gabriel out of the back door of bookstore and we started walking to the parking lot. Just then, Gabriel turned around and pushed me against the brick wall. He grabbed me by my neck and held me against the wall and he began choking me. If you are not for me, then you are against me! I dropped my purse and I began clawing at his hands trying to break free. Tears began flowing down my face. This man is six foot five inches tall. There was nothing I could do to defend myself at all. I was at his mercy. I looked at his face and he had changed from a gentle giant to a deranged beast. “You have insulted a saint of Yah with your lies! You are using your witchcraft to bring Elijah down and you will pay for your sins!” Gabriel tightened his grip on my throat. I remembered some self defense moves, Eric had taught me. He said that I could use these moves if I were ever attacked by a man and there was no one around to help me. I used the first two fingers on my right hand and poked him in his eyes as hard as I could. Then I punched him in his throat and it still did not rattle him enough to let me go. I finally kicked him in his nuts as hard as I could. He finally let go of my neck and he dropped to the ground writhing in pain. As he let me go, I fell to the ground. I was coughing as I was trying to get my breath back. I grabbed my purse and I stood up over him. I looked down at him while he was on the ground, doubled over in pain. I spit into his face and kicked him again. I said, “You crazy ass muthafucka! You should have known that I was not going out like that!” I ran to my car and drove off. I was giving thanks that I made it out of that mess alive. Gabriel knew what was up! He knew all of that information that I had given... ... middle of paper ... ...Creator loves us whether we wear a religious label or not. I have always said that the Creator does not practice any religion at all. Why do we think we need any of those labels to be in touch with the Creator? I finished the conversation with the family and I went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of chamomile tea. I was very glad that we were all in agreement with one another. That was a blessing. I said goodnight to everyone. I took my cup of tea to my bedroom. When I got to my room, I took off my robe. I went to my bathroom and I looked at my neck. It looked horrible. I knew I was going to be a turtle neck wearing sista for the next couple of days or so. I turned off the light in my bathroom and I slid into my bed. I sipped my chamomile tea and I finally began to completely unwind and let go of the events of the day. My goodness and what a day it was!

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