I Woke Up That Day By The Loudest Siren

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905 words

I woke up that day by the loudest siren. It was like a train horn, ringing my tympanic membrane to its breaking point. It was my four-teen year old sister, yelling in a way I never heard in my eleven years of being alive. I laid on my bed, shocked from being woken by the screams of a banshee. I was frozen in time, trying to figure out what was going on. She screamed again, but only this time with a tearful echo. Still, I did nothing, I tried moving but I couldn’t. I was stuck, it was like a mountain sitting on top of me pushing me down to the very inner core of earth. I was petrified, laying on my uncomfortable mattress just running scenarios in my head of what could possibly be going on.
I finally managed to conjure some courage and unglue myself from the bed. I sat there for a couple of seconds and listened. All I could hear was indistinct voices, and sounds behind my bedroom door. I finally managed to stand up, feeling the frozen concrete floor rushing into my bare feet. I could see my sister’s shadow from the bottom of the door, tracing her every step, but I was too afraid to see beyond the safety of my room. I felt like the walls were getting crushed by the colossal weight of that mountain; but still all I could do was linger there, scared to death. I heard her a third time but only this time it was echoed my father. “What’s wrong?”, he said trying to force the last bit of breath he had out of him.
When I heard the safety of my father’s voice, it was like the lights of a crepuscular rays, shining through the clouds into my room. He gave me the strength and courage to take that mountain off my shoulders. I was finally free from that enormous weight that was pinning me down, to the inner core of earth. I finally managed to pu...

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...her to the doctor”. “Are you going to pay for her fucking surgery?” he replied, while putting his head down.
I walked back into the bathroom, and stayed with her, as she cried, she looked at me with her little, frightened brown eyes. I looked down at her brown, blood filled body and seen a 3-inch twig perforating her belly all the way down into her anus. I remembered that she used to love chewing sticks, because we couldn’t afford chew toys. I looked back at her eyes, I knew she was going to die, and there was nothing I could do to help her. She kept weeping in pain, she was scared, and all I could do was sit with her, pet her, and help her ease her pain. Her cry got weaker and weaker, as the current of blood grew stronger. She took a deep inhale, and finally, her suffering was put to an end. I got up, sat by my sister and told her, “She is in a better place now”.

In this essay, the author

  • Recounts how their four-teen-year-old sister woke up by the loudest siren, ringing their tympanic membrane to its breaking point. she screamed again, but with a tearful echo.
  • Narrates how they finally managed to unglue themselves from the bed. they could hear indistinct voices and sounds behind their bedroom door, but they were too afraid to see beyond the safety of their room.
  • Describes how their father gave them the strength and courage to take that mountain off their shoulders. they opened the murky door and realized nothing happened to their sister.
  • Describes how they became unfrozen as they realized what all the commotion was about. they walked forward through the concrete floor, looking at their sister sitting on the hallway, right beside the bathroom door.
  • Describes how they starred at their 6 months old dachshund bitch with her sorrow eyes of distress. they noticed her guts and a dark red pool of blood excreting out her belly.
  • Describes how they walked back into the bathroom and stayed with their sister as she cried. they saw a 3-inch twig perforating her belly all the way down into her anus.
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