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Good morning/afternoon Ms Kondekakis and fellow students. The song I have chosen is I was only 19 ( A walk in the green light) by Redgum. Released in March 1983, Redgum lead guitarist John Schumann wrote the song based on experiences and hardships he heard from from veterans who were fighting in the Vietnam war in 1955-1975.The song was first sung at a concert which was performed after the Australian Vietnam veterans “welcome home parade” which was held in Sydney on 3rd october 1987. Almost 60,000 australians, including ground troops, air force, and navy personnel, served in Vietnam. 521 died as a result of the war and 3,000 were wounded. John Schumann is one of the very few songwriters who has changed the way a nation thinks. John first …show more content…

The song also powerfully illustrates the after effects of his experience in Vietnam. “I was only 19” includes a range of effective language features. An important feature is alliteration. For instance, in the first line of the song, alliteration is evident here with ‘ Passing out parade at puckapunyal’ - a reference to the ceremony at the end of military training. Another effective language feature is the use of rhymes. For example, in the fifth verse each of the words on the end of a line rhymed with the next; ‘swore’ and ‘roar’ as well as ‘moon’ and ‘June’. This song uses a range of different techniques to get the main message of the song across to the audience. Repetition is used in verses 2,4, and 8. “God help me, I was only nineteen”. The effect this gives is to emphasize how the composer is feeling. You feel the pain and the grieving the veterans went through whilst fighting for our country in the war. It makes you realize that some men and women were so young to go out and experience such things that no human being should go …show more content…

This is present in verse 4, “And you can tell me doctor, why I still can’t get to sleep? This line relates to the difficulty of sleeping experienced by many veterans and soldiers. The images of what they had seen and experienced stuck in their mind and causes sleep to evade them.A lot of imagery is used to make the audience really imagine what the composer has been through.In verse 5 “A four week operation when each step could mean your last one two legs” This was stating that he was on a four week mission through mines and each step was taken precaution, as there were mines everywhere, if you took the wrong step you could have had your legs blown to

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that redgum's i was only 19 ( a walk in the green light) was written based on experiences and hardships he heard from vietnam veterans.
  • Explains that john schumann is one of the very few songwriters who has changed the way a nation thinks.
  • Analyzes how the song follows the experiences and trauma of a young, 19 year old australian man from the gruelling military training to the deadly jungles of vietnam.
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