I Was Not The Ideal Student

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A transition goal of students is to have acquired the academic skills, social skills, and content knowledge they will need to succeed after high school. Some students begin their college career early at a technical school, others will go right into college, some will attend trade schools and many will join the workforce because they cannot afford college or do not have content knowledge to get into their dream college. Regardless of what students choose, it will influence the outcome of the rest of their lives. This choice is influenced by outside factors, peer pressure, family pressure, and reputations. It is important as an educator to reflect on personal experiences when assisting students through their transitional years. I attended Wyoming Valley West High School for four years, graduating in 2011. I was not the ideal student. Academic success never came easy to me; I struggled through my academic career. I strived for academic success and eventually a “C” as a grade on a test became my academic success. The stress of not being able to understand the content knowledge gradually heightened my stress level to the point where it was affecting me physically. For my last three years in high school, I missed an average of 40 days a year due to severe migraines. I was the president of the Key Club during my senior year, however I still had teachers tell me I was not going to graduate high school, I had other teachers and my mother that supported me and saw my struggle to achieve. I am an only child of a single parent that did not complete college. When it came time to take SAT’s I registered knowing that I wanted to attend King’s College. I took the SAT’s more than two times and each time did not achieve score that I needed. I... ... middle of paper ... ...ed to California with other students and the college president for a national convention. It would not have happened if I began my college career at King’s College. I teach my students that things happen for a reason, they may not understand the reasoning behind most of the advice their teachers tell them now, but as I am reflecting on my high school career, I have the desire to thank all of the teachers for believing in me and giving me the honest advice. I am not sure where my students will be in five to six years but I know that whatever they are doing they will be motivated to achieve their fullest potential. It is my wish to my students that they are successful throughout high school, receive the necessary accommodations, and be pushed to achieve their dreams. One day I hope to recognize my students name on the news or in the newspaper for their achievements.
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