I Want To Eat Healthy, And Be Healthy And Active

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Health psychology focuses on the well being of a person’s physical health. “Health psychology reflects the belief that lifestyle choices, behaviors, and psychological characteristics can play important roles in health (Hwang, Moser, & Dracup, 2014; Oh and Taylor, 2014)” as found in (King, 2016 p. 508.). I want to eat healthy and become physically active. “The stages of change model describes the process by which individuals give up bad habits and adopt healthier lifestyles” (King, 2016 p. 510.). The five stages are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation/determination, action/willpower, and maintenance. I think those things can help you accomplish many things. My mom has been smoking since she was eleven and I think these five steps can help her quit. My sister has high blood pressure and complains if being overweight. The purpose of this paper is to explain how health psychology can help my family and I become healthy and active.…show more content…
I think that I need to eat a lot healthier. “Healthy eating is not just about weight loss but also about committing to lifelong healthy food habits” (King, 2016 p. 531.). I have never been a healthy eater because I can never find anything I like to eat. I plan to eat healthier, because I think it will make my body feel even better. I think if I have determination to be a healthy eater I can accomplish it. I would love to be physically active. I want to be the person who takes the stairs instead of the elevator because I eat correctly and I have enough energy to want to do that. I want to be comfortable with my body at all times so that I can do anything I please to do. “One study of older adults revealed that the more they expended energy in daily activities, the longer they were likely to live (Manini & others, 2006)” as found in (King, 2016 p. 528.). I think that working out every day would make you live longer and boost my

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