"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"

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Poetry is not a definite category, we can create a poem with what we have got in our lives from society, nature, humans, reality… to our thought, wishes, future, emotions… even our dreams. So, we don't need many actual experiences to write poems. William Wordsworth -- a greatest nature poet -- said that "Poetry is a spontaneous overflow of emotion, not the emotion of the actual experience, but the emotion recollected in tranquility"; and his poem "I wandered lonely as a cloud" is one of the examples that justifies to this opinion. After reading the first three stanzas in the poem, we can imagine a vivid fascinating picture of nature which shows the beauty of golden daffodils that the writer sees by chance when wandering lonely as a cloud. Under his eyes, the daffodils is fluttering and dancing in the breeze beside a lake. He compares it with twinkling stars on the milky way and imagines that these flowers stretch in endless horizon. However, he gazes such a beautiful scene for a long time but can not think what wealth it brings to him. In other words, at that moment, the wonderful sight doesn't make him excited enough to write the poem. Afterwards, when being alone, the writer sees the golden flowers flashing in his inward eyes, and feels that his heart is full of pleasure. It is this feeling that helps him to create the work. In the poem, the poet uses figures of speech such as: metaphor, personification, comparison… to make the poem more interesting as in: "…fluttering and dancing on the breeze…", "…tossing their heads in sprightly dance…" or "…as the stars that shine…". Through this, we can see that all these precious words come from his "spontaneous overflow of emotion". The subject of the poem is the description of the nature beauty and the theme of the poem is the writer's recollection in pensive mood. He wants to send us a message which advises us to go into tranquility to enjoy the bliss of the solitude which is considered as an exciting emotion helping poets expressing their feelings truthfully.
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