I Value My Values

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To ask me to write down my values is like asking me to spill my soul onto a paper. What do I value? Well I value truth, I value friendship, I value happiness… The list can go on and on but it all falls under the same category- I value my faith and I value my religion. I value the Torah and that is what I live my life according to. I would need way too many pages to expand upon every single value in the Torah so I am going to focus on a select few. Speech is something I, along with many other people, take for granted. We drone on and on about people and things that don 't matter instead of using our speech to lift the spirits of others or ourselves. Words are so powerful and when we speak this thought has to be at the forefront of our mind.…show more content…
I value my parents who love me and my siblings who fight with me, I value my grandmothers who shower me with gifts and my grandfather who showers me with love. I value the big smile I get from my mother in the morning and I value the sweet smell of food cooking on the stove at night. I value shelter, and I value the blessing I have to have a home along with a bed to sleep and pillows to sleep on. I value my neighbors who are all a part of the community I live in, and I value my community. I value the connection we have with one another and the relationships we have formed throughout the years. I value the way I was brought up and I value the respect I have for those who brought me up. I value the happiness always resting on my home and I value the respect we have for one another. I value the ability to speak and be heard and the ability to hear and to listen. My family made me into the person I am today and they helped form the path I have taken in life. I value my roots because without roots I would never have reached the place I am…show more content…
A true friend is someone who cares, someone who’s here for me at any and every hour of the night, someone who helps, someone I can trust, and someone who can cheer me up when I’m sad. A true friend only comes around once in a while and without proper value and appreciation for her she may be gone before I know it. A true friend is someone to be yourself in front of, someone who knows everything about you and still wants to be your friend through it all. She’s someone I can tell everything to without feeling embarrassed or afraid. In reality not many friends have all of these qualities. A true friend may be invisible at times; although my eyes may not see her I know that no matter what, she’s here. Friendship is a very important gift Gd gave to us when He created the world. Our mission is to be the friend we want for ourselves to others thus adding more true friends to the world. If I don’t put all my heart into a friendship, there won’t be a friendship. A friendship is two ways; it’s something that takes time and effort from both sides to get to where you need to

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