I Of The Storm: Understanding The Suicidal Mind By David Lester

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Review of I of the Storm: Understanding the Suicidal Mind by David Lester
In the preface of I of the Storm, Lester introduces his purpose for writing this book. He states that, although he is a suicidologist and has published many things on suicide, he doesn’t know exactly why it is that people kill themselves. Lester is a former President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and has PhDs from Cambridge University and Brandeis University, making him qualified to speak on this matter. I of the Storm is mainly direct toward those who wish to understand suicide and why people commit it. His book is very informative, using analyses of examples and statistics to delve into the patterns of those who kill themselves to see why
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With each analysis the reader gets a greater understanding of suicide and the mental state of those who commit it, as well as some of their motives. One could read only a single chapter of this book and gain a greater understanding than they previously had on the topic of suicide, but when one brings all the chapters together as a whole a much deeper understanding is obtained. Lester’s analyses start with diaries, using that of a girl he has called Katie as his first example. In this 14 page chapter he analyses her diary, not only comparing her to Ophelia from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but using that comparison to show some of her motives and to make sense of them. It is this astute analysis that sets the tone for the rest of the similar chapters, in a way that is not boring but is not lighthearted in the slightest. The way that the whole book works together to give one insight on the topic of suicide makes it a useful resource for those who wish to understand it in a more in-depth way. I of the Storm is broken up into multiple parts, these being The Study of Diaries, Studies of Suicide Notes, and Studies Of Other Written Materials. While each chapter has a different layout, they all have one thing in common, and that is that they each end with some form…show more content…
Ashley and Katie are both young women, being ages eighteen and twenty. They both experienced sexual abuse from their fathers during their childhood, which put a strain on their mental state. They both had relationship issues, something that teenagers typically experience quite often. The analyses of their personal writings offers and insight into the minds of teenagers that is very valuable. Their thoughts and feelings are like those of teenagers, making their mental state and viewpoints comparable. In the Discussion section of Twitter Postings in the 24 Hours Prior to Suicide Lester references consistencies in the language used by both Katie and Ashley, as well as their feelings. While not statistically significant, these similarities show that these two girls had similar feelings that could possibly be related to teenagers in general, making these two chapters combined a fair educational resource for those studying adolescent
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