I Never Changed My Life

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You never really know when your life is going to do a three sixty. When it happens some of us are lucky and it changes our lives in a positive way, but for me that was not the case. When I came to college I wanted to break away from the life I once had. Like most people I wanted to find myself and finally be who I was never able to be in high school and living at home. The night of October thirty first of my freshmen year I met a person who would change my life and the lives of those around me. My best friend Josh always wanted to be the one to take my drunken virginity. Well it was Halloween and the guy I had been talking to for months had stood me up for the fourth time. Being the typical emotional girl I am I was rolling around in self-pity. I decided to call Josh and when he answered the phone I told him…show more content…
He was quiet and when he smiled his little ears that stuck off the sides of his head would rise up. I began to talk his ears off and tell him my life story. When I talked he would listen and smile, he seemed so interested in everything that came out of my mouth. I will never forget making a drunken comment about how cute I though his ears were. It’s usually comments like that when people tend to assume I’m a weirdo and walk away, but not Darian. He began to laugh but it was like he was trying to laugh with his mouth closed. I was drawn to him like a bug to a zapper and he thought I was funny. We were together every day from that night on. We would go on long car rides and I would talk and he would listen. We knew everything there was to know about the other from our favorite color to the most traumatic experience we had been through. I was the happiest I had ever been, I felt like I had met my person…my best friend. Even though I was happy, my family was anything but happy. Growing up, interracial dating was a big no no. My dad, an old fashion southern man not only hated the idea seemed as though he hated me.
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