I Must Work to Make Higher Education Affordable to All

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A quest. A journey to reach and accomplish a destination in life, or a personal goal. In “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse, the protagonist Siddhartha, leaves his family so seek enlightenment. Like many throughout the century, many go on a quest to find or accomplish something. In example, Adolf Hitler’s quest was to become a leader who creates the 1000 year empire or Ariel race and supremacy. Thus obviating the Jewish population and nearly accomplishing his first task of controlling the whole European continent. In my quest, is to create a system that shall improve and advance college education and decrease student loan debt. I named this system “The National Bank for Colleges and Universities.”
Before I explain further, I would like to explain about the background of why I want this to be created. Higher education, since its founding in the Old World, was considered a privilege. Now in the world of globalization, higher education is considered a mandatory basis of applying for a job, and of course having a stable salary. What graduates don’t realize is that when young they graduate from a university, these graduates have to carry student loan debts to be paid off. According to the survey of students who borrow loans for advanced educational purposes is about 60%. But those who repay on time are only 20%. According to an article by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) by Rohit Chopra, the Department of Education last year turned in a report to Congress, the student loan passed the trillion dollar mark. It estimated about 1.2 trillion dollars in student loans from private and public schools. This humongous debt, crushing the colleges and universities finances, raised the price of higher education all over the United States ...

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...ilar to Siddhartha, Siddhartha left his family and home, because he questioned the very basis of life. He is hungry for knowledge and later tries to find enlightenment. Like me, I would like to improve this system which people can live at least easier and not worry about loans and being “enslaved” to them. My future career is to become a politician. If this is a project that is to become the main focus of my future career, it is a challenge. Many would probably disagree with the idea or worse, show hostility to the idea. Even in Europe, many of their schools have progressed to new ideas so that students can be successful. From changing the school system, and changing the way of paying colleges and universities, I still plan to show the nation that we can change the course of our finances, by taking small steps to progressing the ideas of exceeding higher education.

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