I Love You

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"Why do we have to do wedding planning today?" Jorel whined getting up from his nap on V's couch. I shot V the [I]he doesn't know yet, does he?[/i] look. She just smiled and mouthed an 'oops' to me. V then smiled walking over to her sleepy fiance, "Because silly. I wanna get married before the baby starts to show." Jorel's eyes shot wide open and he sat up in shock. "Subtle," I giggled as Jorel tried to comprehend what V had just said. "We-we're going to have a baby?" Jorel choked out. I quick search one of V's kitchen drawers and found a bottle of glitter. After unscrewing the lid, I walked to Jorel in the living room and poured the glitter on his head. "Surprise! You and my beautiful bitch are going to have a wittle baby and it shall be a girl and she shall marry my little baby. Now, to fulfil Miss Violetta's wishes, we shall do some hardcore wedding planning." "Baby," Jay trailed off placing his hand on V's tummy. "At least he's taking the news well," I smiled before poking George's belly. "Shush," he smiled grabbing me by my waist. I let out a squeak before saying, "But you love me." "Do I?" He smirked. "Fuckin' better at this point or you're sleeping alone tonight," I smirked in return. "I love you," he smiled. "I love you too," I giggled getting onto my tiptoes. I then kissed his nose. As I turned back around, V was giving me a fake gagging motion. I then giggled before jumping into her arms. "Mommy! Feed me!" I whined. "Plan my wedding first!" She laughed before I sat myself on the floor and grabbed a notebook. The other three people in the room looked at me like I was crazy. "What? I'm lazy." Before anybody else could say anything I started writing a bulleted list. Andrew made me compomise so much for ... ... middle of paper ... ...d around and drank uncontrollably to try and feel better. You got stuck with-" "Stop saying I got stuck with you. I'm not stuck with you. If I wanted to leave I would. I don't want to leave you, ever. I want you to be mine for always and a day. Stuck with implies that I really don't want to be with you when it's all I want. I fucking love you, Brielle. I always have," George let out a few tears before wiping them away. "I love you too, George. I just... you can't be upset when I miss him when he's mentioned," I sighed. "Can we just go home?" "Of course," he sighed pulling away from the curb. We remained silent the whole ride home. The quiet noise from the radio couldn't even break the tension. Nothing, other than the death of my parents, had broken me as much as Andrew had. He ruined me. I guess it was more obvious than I thought, but I've never been the same.

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