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I Love What I Do: It Is My Way of Life
1. My First Step to Pursuing My Passion I have a great mentor who has helped me in my life. Because of her, I could be a Ph.D. nursing student at the University of Washington. Through her, I learned the true essence of nursing and gained a wonderful dream of becoming a professional nurse scientist in the healthcare field.
I went through hardship ten years ago. To get some help from someone, I had to seek advice from my undergraduate advisor who specializes in gerontological nursing. I thought that nursing was simply taking care of others and providing healthcare services. She told me that nursing was not just knowing how to take care of other patients, before a nurse could take care of anyone else, a nurse must know how to take care of herself/himself, how to love oneself, and how to manage one’s life well first. With this phrase from my professor, I realized the worth and importance of nursing. Nursing is a
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I learned to love my profession and indeed, I realized how meaningful nursing is. I am dedicated and want to take all opportunities available for me to become a better professional nurse and to improve healthcare as a whole. Volunteering in the Columbia Student Medical Outreach Program at Columbia University and participating as a sub-member in the Community Outreach and Education Committee gave me more opportunities to interact with patients to strengthen my clinical and communication skills. Also, I spent much time as a leader of my university’s medical volunteer club ‘AGAPE’. It was valuable for me to meet many students from other universities who had different majors in the healthcare field. Moreover, I interacted with foreigners and improved my interpersonal competencies. I managed to see how simple changes can save lives, such as educating people about the disease, which not only saves lives but surely improves the quality of
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