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1. Has your attitude or philosophy toward individuals with disabilities changed? My attitude towards individuals with disabilities has changed a great amount. I myself was guilty of not using person first when talking about or even to an individual with disabilities. However, I now know that you should always think of them as a person. They are a person so why not look past the disability and appreciate them for the person they are. I also was guilty of not knowing the difference between disabilities and handicaps. I had always assumed that you could use both of these in the same place and that they had the same definition. I now know that a disability is, “[a i]nability or reduced capacity to perform a task in a specific way.” While a handicap is a, “...[i]mpact or consequence of the disability when it interacts with an unaccommodating environment.” Furthermore, if I have glasses and someone takes my glasses away I will have a handicap. It is not a handicap unless there is a barrier. 2. How and/or why did this change occur (or not occur)? My attitude toward individuals with disabilities changed simply as a result of better knowledge. I was opened to a new and better way to look at how to treat people with disabilities. I wasn’t necessarily closed minded, but as a result of this class I have a much better understanding and comfort that comes with anyone with a disability. I was never afraid or offended by someone with a disability; I had never been educated correctly about disabilities. Even if someone has a disability, like cerebral palsy, that effects the way someone looks it doesn’t mean that they aren’t smart, funny, or overall an amazing person. These few new grains of knowledge that I have gained over the course of ... ... middle of paper ... ...e if Special Education was actually for me. I had never been exposed to a large number of people with disabilities before this class, and was worried that I would hate it. However, with the help and the knowledge that I learned from this class I am truly excited to work with children who have disabilities. I also learned some of the major ways to help children learn and overcome the challenges that are faced with their disabilities. I learned to never underestimate anyone, especially a child with a disability. The stories that I heard of people overcoming challenges and hardships were amazing. Samuels story was exceptional, and so was Dan Keplinger. They both overcame serious challenges even when others felt that they couldn’t do it. Both Sam and Dan were able to achieve amazing life accomplishments. You should never doubt anyone, even if they do have a disability.

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