I Know Who You Are

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The next morning came more abruptly than Kyuhyun anticipated, but he rolled out of bed quicker than usual. He knew he had work to do and the sooner he got to his destination, the more likely it was that he’d get it done. He got ready and headed out hours before he was usually awake. He hadn’t wanted to linger because he knew he would just end up canceling the trip. He had the tendency to cancel plans out of sheer laziness to leave his apartment. The car he rented was a standard jeep, but he liked it. It would allow him to go up into mountains when he got bored of walking along the town and beach, which he was sure would happened. The three hour-journey had been uneventful and Kyuhyun seemed to be making good time. He had even started recording on his tape recorder about the surrounding setting as he was driving to use when describing Sungmin’s own driving expedition. By his calculations, he should have arrived at the beachfront town by noon, but around one o’clock he noticed that he was driving along the coastline and had yet to find the town. To make matters worse, the car seem...

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