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My Reading Process I started this semester somewhat rebellious. I went against the grain. I missed out on some of the opportunities that others who have grown up in Quincy have had, but I have finally caught up. I recently realized how this class has benefited me as a person. I can clearly assert my opinions now. I know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. This class changed my perspective on writing for the best. My writing skills are not the only things that have changed. I also learned how to read closely. After being in this course, when I approach reading, I tend to take an assertive approach. I like to look for words that stand out, and listen for the syntax in a sentence; the diction in a speech. This helps me understand the text fully. Now when I read, I acquire some backstory of the author to understand their culture and experiences. This information allows me to use one of the best strategies a person could possess when reading, using empathy. Empathy allows me to put myself in their frame of mind during the time he or she was writing said piece. Another strategy I use is detection of diction. I seem to be able to know which words the author has intended to stress and leave unstressed, like an internal pentameter. My main weakness, as a reader is my focus. I tend to oscillate in and out of focus. One moment I feel as if I am a part of the story, and the next I feel as if the print is not speaking to me, which can cause me to lose interest in the piece. To eliminate this weakness, I need to start taking my reading, not just as an experience, but as a life in my hands. The text on the paper is the thoughts and opinions of someone else; that is something I should be paying more attention and respect to. I fin... ... middle of paper ... ...ection between the speaker and the reader, on a conscious level. Beneath the surface, it helps the speaker connect with his or her audience. It lets the audience feel as if they are just an ordinary person, or a conduit of wisdom, and notoriety. It is hard to master something such as this, but I am confident my tree will keep growing. Any skill can grow but my real inquiry is, how big, how tall can my skills get? I have seen a large improvement not just in my writing, but in myself. Rhetoric has nourished me wholly. I am changed as a person, for the betterment of myself, and whoever I need to prove myself to in the future. There is more room for me to grow, without a doubt. In the next 5 months, I hope to uncover more about myself and writing. I hope to fulfill my dream as a writer. I hope to fulfill my goal to succeed. I hope to fulfill my goal to grow infinitely.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they started this semester rebellious and went against the grain. they realized how this class has benefited them as a person.
  • Explains that they take an assertive approach to reading and listen for words that stand out. this helps them understand the text fully.
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