I Felt Like A Dinosaur As I Watched

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I felt like a dinosaur as I watched “Generation Like”. I like to talk to my friends and hangout with them but social media was never my thing; I do not use social media a lot. As I was talking with my Brian about the documentary I told him that I had never experience anything described in the documentary like thinking over profile pictures or wanting people to like my posts. He told me that Generation Like might be a thing when he was in middle school but it shouldn’t describe our generation. I agree with him but I have little experience with social media to prove my case. I never had a strong bond with social media in general so I feel that my opinion on Generation Like is skewed. In general, I don’t see the need to put yourself in the public. I like to post on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat the important stuff in my life or use it as a way of communication. In Generation Like the popular social media of that time was Facebook and Twitter for the Millennials, so I asked Brian what social media platform people are using today. Brian told me that Snapchat and Instagram are the new ...

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