I Feel Like An Outsider

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Has there ever been a time where I felt like an outsider? An outsider is someone who doesn 't fit into a group of some sort. Usually, I feel like an outsider when it comes to my clothes and how I dress. Everyone would question me about what I would have on specifically in school. I attended Cordova High and to be honest I should have expected that. I have been living here in this area and I rarely see any contrasting modes. It would surprise me seeing something that I would not be used to seeing and it would bring such a relief. It is always refreshing witnessing something new. My style is unordinary at school compared to others who attended with me. I would describe my style as being nonchalant but also eye-catching. Most of the time I would wear neutral colors, but I would do the smallest things with them just to stand out. I feel like the main character in a cartoon show. The main characters are always wearing outfits that pop out mainly with color, and then the background characters are sometimes not even colored in. I just enjoy putting together outfits and showing them off in ...
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