I Don't Think This Feels Right

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I slip my feet in a new pair of Nike sneakers, and try and get a feel for what they are like. My feet are supposedly a size ten and a half. “These are nice, but not what I’m looking for.” My mom chimes is, “Ok, let’s try these. These are cool right? You kids like these don’t you?” She hands me a pair of no-arch Adidas Sambas. Still a size ten and a half. I pop off the other shoes and grip the edges of the shoes as I try and shove them on. The shoes glide on with an odd sense of ease. “They are way too big. I can’t walk without my heel springing out.” Mom says, “It says they are a ten and a half.”
“Well they sure don’t feel like it.”
“Ok, try these.” She hands me a painfully narrow pair of black and white Pumas. I look at them, then at my mother, then back at the pair of shoes. I can almost feel the agonizing squeeze of the narrow, leather/cloth-laden shoes just by looking at them. I suck in a breath and begin the shoe donning process. I couldn’t get them on. No matter which way I tugged or pulled, I just couldn’t get them to slide onto my wide feet. You know what can have the same ki...

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