I Don 't Protect My Freedom

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Growing up, a child is taught to praise soldiers and cops, (the flow here is a little bumpy--- replace with maybe “for their universal protection” and discard “that they...all?”) so that they may protect and fight for all. Schools organize or facilitate? put on presentations and events, inviting police officers and those who served in the military to put on presentation? a show, while they tell kids to salute and pay their respects. They present an image that troopers and cops risk their lives to protect all, saving America from a reign of terror. Yet, they fail to mention that realistically, not all soldiers and cops are heroes. A hero is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” There are soldiers and police officers out there who disgrace their title, because calling them a “hero” out of habit is just flat out childish. David Masciotra blantly expresses that in his article, “You don’t protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy.”Masciotra paints a clear picture to everyone...
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