I Don 't Know What You Do With My Life

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When your life is lacking direction, it is frustrating. I remember talking to a friend back when I was in college, and she literally did not know what she wanted to do with her day, never mind her life. For her, she knew what she liked to do and what she was passionate about, but she couldn 't make up her mind on what she really wanted to do, so it became overwhelming and she just gave up. That seems to be a common thread nowadays when we can pretty much take a chance on anything we want to do! And, it 's very frustrating to have all these different dreams but not be able to choose which direction to go. For other people, it can feel like they have no purpose in life. The words, "I don 't know what to do with my life," take on a very literal meaning. They have no passions that they want to pursue and no idea why they were even put here. This can lead to anxiety and depression, which makes it even harder to find the actual passions that they have in life and get busy doing what they want. So, whether you have too many choices or feel like there are no choices at all, you need help...

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