I Don 't Know About My Life

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Sitting here and looking back, I don’t know where to begin. I was born on April 23, 1997. I grew up in a family that was majority men, I had one older brother and three older male cousins. I constantly had to do things they enjoyed, and always tried to impress them. I look up to the men in my life and have always tried my hardest to make them pleased. One of the reasons I haven’t decided what I want to do, is for the reason that I want to make everyone proud of the choice I make. Growing up I discovered a lot of things just by observing other people, my parents always had a difficult marriage, and my brother and I always knew what was going on. This made me and him become very close. Now I am eighteen, just graduated high school, and haven’t spoken to my brother in a few months. I recently have lost some good relationships, and made some new ones. This has to a certain extent set the ground work for how I will proceed in college. It has narrowed down the people I respect and value the opinion of. I am the only one between my brother and me to attend college. I have multiple expectations for myself in these next four years of my life. I also want to be very involved on campus. I would like to be in a sorority and a member of the BCM. When I was in high school, I was not a part of many clubs or team activities. I was however a part of the high school marching band. I enjoyed my time in the band, but I did not enjoy high school as many people do. Most people say “high school will be some of the best years of your life”. I am planning on making college the best years of my life, but also being successful in getting whatever degree I decide to get. I went to LaGrange High School, and during my time there, I never really took a great ... ... middle of paper ... ...ame type of facility I would hope to be working at when I do become a nurse. I love the conversations I get to have with the elders and hearing the many stories they have. I love to lend a hand to people in any way I am capable of, and always have since I was a young child. Leaving an impact on people is something I hope to do one day. I know my aunt is leaving an impact on all the people she works with and around. I still have a little time before I have to decide what I really want to do, because I really want to have an opportunity to do something I enjoy. I really feel like nursing is the right path for me to take, however things always have a way of changing. Since I am just beginning college, I still have numerous opportunities I could take. I also have an abundance of people to back me in any decisions I do make in my life, and for that I am truly blessed.

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