I Don 't Do You Know What A Life Thread Is?

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The sun peeked over the Black Shadow Mountains to the east and illuminated the broad grassy Tamorian plains. Riasean stifled a yawn. Morning held no appeal, heralding another day of scraping by. Of course, now things were a bit different. He accompanied a sorceress – or something of the sort – initially out of curiosity than anything else, and now a necessity. Or so he was told. His memory of what happened at and after the Inn was strangely dim. But now he was “tied” to Larah, whatever that meant, but since they had at least another day to ride together, he might as well ask. “Can you explain how we are tied together? I don’t feel any different than I was before we arrived in Malodier.” “Do you know what a life thread is?” “No, never heard of it.” “Our souls are tied to our bodies and to the thread of life. When the body dies, the thread carries our souls back to the Creator. However, if a life thread is severed, both body and soul die.” Riasean cocked his head and looked at her. “You talk as if the body dying and a life thread being severed are different.” “They are. Most of what ...
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