I Believe I Ll Testify By Cleophus J. Larue

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Cleophus J. LaRue in I Believe I’ll Testify makes it clear that great preaching comes from somewhere, it also must go somewhere, so preachers need to use the most artful language to send the Word on its journey. There is always purpose in life in black preaching says LaRue. Some of the greatest preaching in America happens on Sundays. The articulation and cadence of the black preacher often arise and causes people to feel something deep down inside their souls. The heart of black preaching has been deeply entrenched in our society and is a staple in the life blood of the traditional black family and community. Many a congregation has been stirred to conviction, repentance, and action by the powerful voice of the African american preacher. In I Believe I’ll Testify, LaRue seeks to explain the designing characteristics that exist in black preaching and how it has become a tooled force in the twenty-first century African American community. Using stories and antidotes and his own experiences, LaRue describes what actually makes for good preaching and gives insightful advice in the art of preaching that many seminarians do not learn from seminary. This book is an informative and well written book and could benefit pastors, former pastors, and anyone interested in the art of good black preaching.
Becoming a true theologian and scholar deals with not limiting the extents of homiletics. The assumption is that the black preaching tradition is distinct and identifiable. What is interesting for any African American student of homiletics is that while many argue for a defined set of African American homiletic characteristics, there is little agreement on what these characteristics are? When people try to characterize what makes African Ame...

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...When a preacher speaks in a rhythmic flow, the sermon needs to be crafted in that manner (LaRue, 113). The preacher must always remember that if the audience does not understand the language of the message, they will not understand the message. Black preaching should always be - therapeutic release and a sense of empowerment for black Christians to help them contend with the issues of life.
I Believe I’ll Testify teaches that the black church and the preacher would have no authority. Black preaching is a combination of God, the preacher, the scripture, and most of all the black life experience. In the black churches of today, the preacher is very important. Sermons have to inspire, correct, heal, empower, and many others for the place preacher to be considered effective. This is a great book for all to learn what some of the criteria for being a black preacher are.
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