I Am a Descendant of Immigrants

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Like most of Americans, I am a descendant of immigrants. I came to the United States from 9 years ago when I was 12 years old. My parents are just like other traditional Chinese parents who wanted their kids to become talent people. I’ve always have arguments with my parents about their old ideas, especially after I came to America and accustomed to the freedom belief here. However, the experience that I went through between the period of my high school and community college has totally changed my life. I used to living in Oakland and went school there. When I was a freshman in high school, I did not realize how important education is, plus the pressure that added on me from my parents and the environment that surrounds me, I did not wanted to be serious about school at all. My parents always wanted me to take my time to study and telling me the importance of education, but I believed that people can become successful without education. Therefore, under the ordering of my rebellious heart, I started skipping classes and became lazy about school. The first two years of high school were still okay, which I still earning grades between A to C, but things soon got worse since I started my junior year. During my junior year of high school, I often skip classes, sleep on class, and don’t even do any of my homework. By the end of the school term, I ended up with failing all six classes and had my GPA way lower than the passing average. I and my parents had a big fight about the grades that I had and the school even had us sat in the parent center to reconcile our problem with a psychologist. After the talk between my parent, the psychologist, and me, my parents seems changed, they don’t restrain me anymore like before. Even though I still thought that education is not important, but I started working hard to make up all the classes that I failed to get my high school diploma because I realized the hope that they put on me and I don’t want them to be disappointed again. During my senior year of high school, I did not only take six classes, but also working on a program called Cyber High to retake all my failed classes with high grades, and also take extra class to average up my GPA in order to meet graduate requirements.
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