I Am Worthy Of Love

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Everyone has different personalities and circumstances. As myself, I was surrounded by love and protection from my family, friends and other people. Therefore, I grew up with a thought that I am worthy of love and I always willing to give my love to other people. Until now, when I take the psychology 150 class, I have just found out that the way I connect to others is called the secure attachment style. Secure attachment style is an emotional immune system, characterized by a positive view of self, others and relationships. It describes people who believe that they are lovable, capable of getting love. They know that they are worthy of comfort, protection and love. They are also always willing to give love to others . People in this attachment…show more content…
Therefore, I know I am worthy of love and willing to love others, but when face something, I still take my responsibility as needed if it is my fault. I can get angry and emotional but by the time, I still can stand up and keep going. I believe that relationship is based on trusting each other. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and we both have secure attachment style. I am very satisfied in my romantic relationship. We talk to each other all the time about everything and nothing we can hide from each other. I feel so comfortable when we are together. I allow my boyfriend to move freely and have his own space, so does he. Because we trust each other and rarely feel jealous. We also seek each other for comfort when we both feel troubled. At that time, I just need to tell him about my problem and we will find the way to solve it. I still remember when my family has financial problem, and my parents got ill. I felt so depressed because I was too young to help my parents with any financial problem. Moreover, I am from Vietnam - a half of the earth far away from United States. Because of distance, I could not even give them a hug and say "everything will be alright". I cried a lot and told my
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