I Am The Doctor Refuses

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“Ma’am the doctor wants to see your son immediately. Please come to our office now, he will be waiting for you” I thought to myself, Oh God. This can’t be good, it’s after hours and he wants to come to the office, I thought to myself.
I placed AJ in the car and headed straight for his office. Upon our arrival two medical assistants that helped me get AJ to the room.
“How old is he ma’am?”
“He’s only 7, what’s wrong with my baby”, is all I could muster to say before that doctor walked in. He took one look at AJ and said “Mrs. Chivis, I don’t know what’s wrong with your son, but I can tell you that he’s dreadfully ill. I’m calling the Emergency Department and placing them on standby.” I slumped over in fear and disbelief. He was so healthy, what happened to him so quickly? I went from sad to angry and the vicious cycle of reaction kept repeating. Finally, the doctor said, “Mrs. Chivis your son has Diabetes Mellitus Type 1.” At that moment, it felt like the world stopped.
AJ was always a healthy eater. I just didn’t understand how this could happen. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was 37, and had just had a newborn and my emotions were already all over the place and now this. What more could go wrong? As I tried to gather enough strength to call my husband to tell him what was going on. All is could do was muster a whisper, the doctor had to inform him of the events that had happened earlier in the day and told him to meet us at Spectrum Health ED. I was in no condition to drive, so my parents miraculously showed up and drove us. My mom said that the Holy Spirit told her to go to the doctor office because I needed her and I was certainly thankful.
By this point I was emotionally and physically drained and a...

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...ong either and God wasn’t punishing him. He was still normal but his normal is different from what he was used to in the past. This has been a long process for our family and AJ is now a junior in high school and he is handling his diabetes much better now. For now his diabetes is stable and under control. It gives me such joy to see how far he has come and our family has found our new normal. AJ now has a insulin pump which makes life so much easier for both him and myself. He almost feels like a normal teenager again, which makes me very proud. We still have some points of struggle but I consider them to be very minor bumps in the road. We have all adjusted very well and we all know how to change sites and give injections if we need to and that includes his eight-year-old sister. God has been really good through this whole process and I am forever grateful.

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