I Am My First Semester

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When I started out my first semester in college I honestly thought college would be easy, kind of like you see in the movies. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. English has never been my strongest subject, or even a decent subject for me. During high school I took the easiest English classes offered because I never realized how important writing actually is. I now know I was only hurting myself by doing so. EN100 was really the first English class I had taken, and taken seriously in a long time. I had never written a research paper and never learned how to correctly cite sources. I was still stuck in the mindset that a good essay had five paragraphs as I was taught in grade school only to have my professor refer to it as the “five-paragraph monster” and warned us never to teach. Although these faults were all my own, I believe my writing has slowly improved throughout the semester in EN100 because I had to push myself to learn and do things I had never done in the past by procrastinating less, not taking peer editing for granted and slowly improving my confidence. During the first few classes of EN100, Mr. Dodson would assign writing prompts at the beginning of class and give us 20 to 30 minutes to complete, I greatly struggled with this because I always felt like I was rushed and spent more time fretting over it than doing the actual assignment. That being said, those assignments were usually turned in unfinished which lowered my confidence in passing the class. I know I have grown in my writing because if one were to be assigned today, it would not be nearly as hard to complete. One of the many things I think I greatly improved on was time management. My time management skills have helped me improve not only in this class but in ... ... middle of paper ... ...d the topic of teaching and special needs. In my literacy narrative “New Beginnings” I was able to talk about how helping teach in the special education preschool room shaped me into who I am today and I wouldn’t have been able to express that if my professor would have picked the topic for me. As I look back on the time I spent in EN100, I have actually learned a lot. I do not think I would have been nearly as successful if Mr. Dodson was not my teacher. He was always willing to help out or revise papers after class or schedule times out of class to go over our drafts, even with his busy schedule. Although I am still nervous to take EN140 next semester, I am glad I had EN100 to greatly prepare me for the next step in my writing. During my semester in this course, I was able to improve my grammar, learn better sentence structure and fight my procrastination urges.
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