I Am Legend Film Analysis

In the movie, I Am Legend, the directors utilizes infected humans to portray a post-apocalyptic world by displaying the humans as sick and deformed. In the film, Francis Lawrence, the director, exhibits how an engineered virus which was supposed to cure cancer, destroys humanity by mutating the humans and dispersing the virus, therefore killing ninety percent of the world’s population and turning them into Dark seekers. In the film, the director exploit how humans undergo evolution by transforming them into dark seekers. The film displays human evolution by exhibiting how humans transform into these horrendous monster therefore displaying how the directors critique and exhibiting human evolution in a negative light. The film does well in displaying…show more content…
I Am Legend does well in critiquing human evolution by mutating them into dark seekers in doing so they bring to light by displaying how when humans evolve they will turn into an evil creature. In the scene, when Neville attacks the dark seekers with his SUV and they go on a rampage trying to kill him it exhibits how humans will transform into mindless individuals, with little to none human reasoning and the intelligence they have left diminishes with the effects of the virus. The fact that this is what human evolution comes to exhibits how the directors yearns for the audience to perceive how humans won’t improve with evolution but instead they will collapse and be dehumanized therefore displaying how human evolution is being critiqued. I am Legend depicts the human apocalypse by exhibiting the transformation of humans into senseless, adrenaline fueled vampires in doing so displays how the directors critique human evolution. In the film, the dark seekers assume the role of a vampire by the way they perform. In the film, the directors displays how Neville performs all his tasks at before it gets dark so he can avoid the horrendous monsters because when it becomes dark the monsters come out and starts to look for food. In doing so the directors exhibits how the monsters display vampire like qualities therefore leading you to see how human evolution is being appraised. The film also criticizes human evolution by displaying how the humans appearance transform into hairless people, with pale skin and receded gums which gives the appearance of fangs. The fact that this is the appearance and attitudes of humans after evolution leads you to believe that the directors are shinning a negative light on human evolution. The directors critique human evolution by displaying to the
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