I Am Eating At The Kitchen Table

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I 'm eating at the kitchen table trying to eat as slow as possible to put off my reading homework even longer than I already have. I hear my great grandma, the leader of the house, say “Carla, hurry and finish so I can wash dishes and we can start on your book.” I roll my eye and think about offering to do the dishes to postpone reading even more but instead my mouth opens and the only words that come out are “okay grandma I 'm almost done.” No matter how much I hate reading, I hate doing the dishes even more. I sluggishly finish my dinner and sneak off to my room. Before I even sit down on my bed I hear “Carla lets read.” When I sit on the couch beside my grandma she looks at me with her loving yet stern face and whispers “lets read, your not going to grow up stupid like your mom and dad. I giggle a little and grab my book from my book-bag. As a hyper first grader I hated taking the time to sit down and read an entire book. It wasn 't that I hated reading, it was just that Id rather be playing in the creek behind our house or playing in the club house in the bushes out in the front yard with the neighbor kids instead. I might of enjoyed it a little better if I was actually good at it. I just struggled when it came to reading. On my end of grade evaluation, my first grade teacher, Mrs Speagle had written to my parents that I was a little below grade average for reading, not enough to hold me back a year just enough to be noticeable, and that was still unacceptable in my grandmas eyes. She wanted me to do my best and she knew I wasn 't giving it all my effort. No matter how much I didn 't want to read I knew I had to if my grandma said so. She didn 't live eighty years to be disrespected by a six year old. My Grandmas intentio... ... middle of paper ... ...rrow and go play in the creek instead of reading! Even after growing up, when I dread a reading assignment all I can hear is “Carla read! Your not gonna grow up stupid like your parents!” in the back of my head. After having my own little girl and seeing her interest in books only being a year and a half, it melts my heart to see her in my Great Grandmothers lap with a book just like I was! My grandma might not be able to see the words in the book now but she 'll make the story up as she goes along. Even after loosing her eyesight and a little of her memory shes still determined to instill the importance of reading in the next generation. To bad she cant use the same line “Lilly read! Your not gonna grow up stupid like your parents” because shes the one that made me into the knowledgeable individual that I am today. Well... at least smarter than my parents, anyways.
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