I Am A Great Leader

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I have had many role models in my life I truly cherish but there are three great individuals who has molded and shaped me into the individual I am today. My first two positive influencers are Hermon & Eva Yates, my parents. My last role model is Sherry Wetherby, my sister in Christ. My mom and dad have been more than parents, but true role models for me and my siblings. I have had the pleasure to grow up on a dairy / tobacco farm and it was nothing short of spectacular. I learned about budgeting, death, faith and hard work at a young age. My parents instilled nothing but great values into my siblings and I. My parents not only taught, but are examples of six ways to be a great leader. When it comes to inspiring commitment they are always motivating me and my siblings to do our best and is very proud of our successes. My dad has always been a man of his word and expects the same in return from others. Farming is not an easy job and requires a lot of dedicated work from sun up to sun down. Although it got challenging to manage our farm at times dad always made time to teach others. ...
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