I Am A Good Thinker

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There are many thing’s that occur within one’s body that go unseen. While in the course Dance 220, I have been able to notice the thing’s about my mind and body that would 've gone unnoticed before. While learning about my own subjective somatic inner experience’s, I came to an understanding that I do a lot of thing’s that I never really take account for. For example, my experience with thinking is probably one of the biggest concepts that I never actually thought about. While I sit in class and listen to my professor’s lecture or my peers present, I have a tendency to repeat what they are saying in my head. Not only does this help me remember for future tests, quizzes, and assignments, but it helps me understand what words they are saying and what they are trying to make me understand. The concept of thinking was the one somatic experience that stood out to me personally. Am I a good thinker because I do that? Will this help me in the future? One thing that the professor has helped me understand is that I can answer these question’s as long as I make myself aware of the things that I do with particular somatic experiences. While I repeat these words in my head, I also found that this form of thinking helps me with the proprioception in sensation. When I repeat these words to myself, I usually have moment’s where I say “oh, that totally makes sense now!” Apart from that, I also noticed that this way of thinking helps me use my sensation to know if I feel comfortable around someone or not. While sitting in class, as I repeat the words that are said to me, I begin to ask myself if that particular professor will be a good fit for me. If I have a hard time comprehending what that professor is saying, I don’t feel comfortable asking q...

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...ife. I was able to talk about my feelings and put forth effort that I didn’t even know I had.
While being in body sense, I have been able to understand why I do certain thing’s and why I struggle with a wide range of concepts. It’s interesting to read about all of the participation, somatic inner experience’s, style’s of information intake, and seeing what movement’s help not only my body relax but my mind as well. While we read in class about all of these different topics, I am able to immediately connect a memory or something about myself to that particular section in the reading. I have come to a better understanding that it’s okay to be unique. So far, body sense has taught me that each and every person is different. Extreme or small difference’s, each person around me is one in their own. I don’t need to be like anyone else, because I’m okay just the way I am.
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