Hypoxia in China

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Question: What is meant by ‘hypoxia’? Explain with reference to the severity of the problem in your own country.

Thesis statement: As an environmental issue, hypoxia became one of the most serious man-made environmental issues in China, which baneful influenced ecological and economic especially in the coastal region. It’s very important for people to solve these problems in the future, but at first people need to know what “hypoxia” is?
Hypoxia is the condition which occurs oxygen falls below the level necessary, it usually happens in the aquatic environment. The main reason caused hypoxia is called eutrophication.
It means some elements enter the water which can be as a plant nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorous. It caused the algae in the water get a faster reproduction, with the increasing number of algae, these algae will secrete thin blue-green or red-yellow films, and it’s seriously influenced the growth of fish. Although there are many algae, but there are not enough nutritive salt for algae living. When the nutritive run out, the algae would die. But after the mass of algae dead, much oxygen in the water be used to resolve their corpse, the corpse will formed a green film, and made the water had a sting smell. It is a big issue for my country; undoubtedly, it will take long time in the future to solve this issue. Except eutrophication, Water temperature, ocean currents, water PH, light intensity, etc. all can outbreak of algae bloom such as biological effect, even when the individual is the causative factor. The both of fresh water and sea water is possible to have this issue, they showed different color when hypoxia happened. The sea is red in ocean while green in the water, because the color of algae in thes...

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