Hypocrisy In Society: A Human Society, By Shirley Jackson

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What separates the human race from all creation? Many will say that the ability to reason and capacity to know what is wright and wrong makes humanity different from everything else. But, for a while now, humanity has chosen to disregard these qualities and become blind to the horrifying product of this decision. Social media has made it very clear that our words affect others and is important to be mindful of them. The news show that even in the 21st century humans can be very cruel in 1st world or 3rd world countries. Brutal stories all around the world are shared about young man shutting others because of their physical or spiritual differences. The short story, written by Shirley Jackson, is a cry for humanity to stay
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This practice is common almost everywhere but Jackson provided the audience lens to what a hypocrite looks to the sane eye. From the beginning of the story the people in the town seem to be ok with the practice of the lottery. The character of Tessie Hutchinson is the biggest example of hypocrisy in the story. As she is introduced, her attitude demonstrated an indifference to the ritual. She arrived late claiming she did not remember what day it was and later jokes with her husband about being late. Her attitude makes the reader feel as if this dreadful ritual was just a common event that no one minds. Later in the story the reader finds out that her family has “won”. At this point her attitude change completely. She began to complain by saying: "You didn 't give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn 't fair!" As this happens other characters in the story who had humorlessly engaged her before the lottery, began to act indifferent towards Tessie argument by saying, “Be a good sport, Tessie” and “All of us took the same chance” This characters also make it clear that everyone is very hypocrite to the friendship they appear to have towards the character of Tessie. While the story progresses, the readers find out that Tessie was chose the piece of paper with the mark that indicated she was the one to be sacrificed. By now, the character of Tessie had realized all of the years she participated she was participating in a very immoral act. Before the stone her to death she tries one more time to convince his friends, neighbors, and family members that the ritual being practice is a mistake by yelling “It isn 't fair, it isn 't right." Tessie Hutchinson realized the danger of living a hypocrite life when it was too
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