Hypochondriasis Essay

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Hypochondria, also known as hypochondriasis is known as unconditional fears of having a disease or a medical problem. Health Anxiety as well as Illness Anxiety is also common names for this condition. As it highly resembles an anxiety disorder, Hypochondriasis is also said to be a Somatoform disorder as well. A somatoform disorder is described as having physical symptoms that have no medical cause (Hypochondriasis and Substance Abuse, n.d). This stems from the misinterpretation of symptoms and the lack of beliveal of medical reassurance of no disease or illness. Within this paper I will be talking about the symptoms, causes, and treatment that comes with this psychological disorder. Symptoms To generalize it from the start, hypochondriac symptoms develop quickly. The symptoms are relatively mind, are actually associated with a medical condition, and vary from person to person. SOme examples would be coming down with a cough and thinking its something serious as lung cancer, believing a heart attack is on the way with a minor chest pain, and a small being a sign of AIDS. SOme of the compulsions made by these individuals will be “doctor hoping”, where they seek medical attention repetitively, getting multiple tests done. Constantly checking your body for impurities, avoiding some contact with others and/or objects. Individuals also make it habit to continually search the web for diagnosis that being called “Cyberchondria”. The development of hypochondriasis is more of a psychological issue rather than an illness,but is said to be better classified as an anxiety disorder. 585586 Some of the causes to the disorder have to do with one's amplification of sensory experience. People with hypochondriasis are more likely than ... ... middle of paper ... ...eless, Hypochondriasis is treatable but however can last up to years or even stem to be lifelong. Works Cited Angeles, O. C. (n.d.). Hypochondria / Health Anxiety - Symptoms and Treatment. Retrieved November 03, 2017, from https://ocdla.com/hypochondriasis Illness anxiety disorder Tests and diagnosis. (2015, July 02). Retrieved November 02, 2017, from https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/illness-anxiety-disorder/basics/tests-diagnosis/con-20124064 Manfredi, T. (n.d.). Hypochondriac Definition and Symptoms. Retrieved October 30, 2017, from http://www.healthguidance.org/entry/15645/1/Hypochondriac-Definition-and-Symptoms.html Hypochondriasis and Substance Abuse. (n.d.). Retrieved October 28, 2017, from http://www.dualdiagnosis.org/hypochondriasis/ Fundukian, L. J., & Wilson, J. (2008). The Gale encyclopedia of mental health. Detroit: Thomson Gale.
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