Hyper Text Markup Language and Databases

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The Internet is made up of networks belonging to users from commercial, educational, personal, government, and nonprofit organizations, and it is what they do with these interconnected networks, that is truly remarkable. Users connect to the Internet via Internet service providers which allows them to access the Internet from virtually anywhere around the world. In its early days the Internet was nothing more than a research project by the US Department of Defense, which was started in the 1960s and early 1970s. Then in 1982, one of the most fundamental aspects of the Internet was created with TCP/IP which made a communication protocol standard which is still in use today. At times TCP/IP is referred to as the entire Internet suite of protocols, which includes FTP (file transfer protocol), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), Telnet (telecommunication network), DNS (domain name service), etc.

Without utilizing the Internet suite of protocols the Internet itself would not be able to function. The use of FTP allows for the transfer of files from one host of a network to another over a TCP-based network. The security used for authentication FTP utilizes a username and password scheme to allow users access. SMTP is an Internet-based standard for email to be transmitted across Internet connected networks. While SMTP is responsible for sending and receiving messages it is usually used in conjunction with POP or IMAP which allows access to users mail on the appropriate storage server (Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

Most of the Internet uses HTML programming language for Internet-based applications. The use of Adobe flash allows for the integration of multimedia aspects to be added such as graphics animation and/or games. One of the great c...

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...problem for ODBC is the growing popularity of thin clients which use HTML which detracts from the value of using ODBC. The sad fact is that ODBC is becoming less important every day.

On February 19, 1997, Sun Microsystems released JDBC. The JDBC is an application programming language used for the Java programming language which allows for clear defining of how clients can access databases. There is a JDBC-to-ODBC bridge which allows for the connection to any type of ODBC data source which utilizes Java virtual environment. Unlike the way ODBC uses drivers, JDBC uses a connection pool rather than direct connection to drivers.

Web Technologies and Databases are still in there in infancy and I believe in the years to come the world of these technologies will make great strides of improvement and I want to be a significant participant in these advances.