Hycn: Encounter On The Dead Planet

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The reflective shiny silver metal doors hissed open and Cede Nazzzuuh strode majestically into his quarters. The doors gave their snake-like hiss again and slid shut behind him. Cede went straight for the exquisite, luxurious couch set by the middle of the spacious ‘living room’ and threw himself onto it. He was exhausted. It had been a very busy but fruitless day. Today unlike the last five days they didn’t find anything of value to him from the alien ruins. It was seven days since they landed on the planet but they only managed to find four gold statues and two gold masks. It wasn’t enough. Cede needed time. Unfortunately for him, the Ekcyrien army had just arrived on the dead planet several hours past, which meant he now had to tread carefully even if his younger brother and commander aboard the Ekcyrien military carrier assured him he shouldn’t have to worry he would look out for him as always. That’s why unlike other space pirates who left the planet when it was broadcasted in the news that the Ekcyrien military was coming to blow the planet he remained behind. He had his brother to look out for him. Cede wasn’t a pirate but he was out here on the dead planet looking for treasures. The irony was amusing even to Cede Nazzzuuh himself. He tried to visualize himself as a filthy space pirate scum and laughed out aloud. He forced his mind to conjure a picture of himself in a small, gloomy and tattered old pirate ship but the image couldn’t fully form - it was all blurry. Not him. He couldn’t be a pirate even if he willed it. God himself wouldn’t allow it; he created him for bigger and better things. If he dared be a filthy pirate the skies would fall on everyone’s heads. His thoughts wandered off to his brother aboard The Maztica ... ... middle of paper ...’t as she had expected and planned. The reality was harsh but it was fact that she wouldn’t manage to acquire one of the smaller crafts. She was fucked. She knew it. If she tried to steal one of the crafts she was likely to be captured or killed, if she didn’t try to escape too she was still to suffer for what she did to Cede. She cursed herself. It was she who created this impossible mess for herself. She’d done so the instant she cut Cede’s penis. Now she regretted it. If only she hadn’t cut him but pretended to have given up, and played the happy sex slave for a few more days. But no, she had to cut him today - now she too was sure to die today. She swerved the small spacetruck to the right and headed for Lilzaint’s door to the outside world. Best die in a way chosen by myself. She decided. Go out of the Lilzaint into the harsh alien planet and die out there..