Hybrid or Electric: Which Motor Turns the World Round?

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Mankind has made many extraordinary innovations for the world most having their debut in the motor vehicle department. Inside the motor department is a race for the greatest motor to put in all cars. The motor needing both performance and economy in mind. People have disagreed often over which motor concept would be a better source to make the wheels spin. There are two motors in question; they are the hybrid and electric motor. Since they are both still fairly new, the idea of knowing which to improve and which to terminate is a difficult decision. However, this is a good time to look at both motors in their semi mass production stage. Before we invest too much money into the wrong one. We will see how the hybrid takes the lead and the electric car is falling behind due to how the motors fuel is made, how much distance is really worth and how much good comes out of both motors. Before continuing the debate at hand, we as consumers should be informed about all types of engines. The first engine we will look at is the all-electric motor. The electric motor, stated by the name runs on an electric battery. The battery is the source to drive and power features such as air conditioning, GPS and the radio. To normal buyers this sounds like a great answer to the environmentalist mind set of greener is better. The other motor is the hybrid or the semi electric motor. The hybrid works almost like the full gasoline motor most people drive with today. The hybrids run and power the features with a gasoline and electric power source. Now that the basic types of engines have been established, we can continue our original debate. The previous paragraph, had mentioned that the electric cars would be a good idea for environmentalist for it not e... ... middle of paper ... ... and they outweigh the one ideal the other motor had. Before giving the last good byes to the electric motor there was a problem. This problem was the electric motor itself costing more money to manufacturer without even cutting corners. So with this also included we can conclude that the hybrid is the motor that we should let howl down our roads. Works Citied BomFord, Andrew. "How environmentally friendly are electric cars?." BBC News. 11 April 2011. Web 23 Feb. 2014. “Electric Cars Head Howard Another Dead End.” Reuters Media. 04 Feb. 2013:n.p. SIRS Issues researcher. Web 23 Feb.2014. Healey, James R. “Plug-In Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret.” USA TODAY. Feb. 25 2008: n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 23 Feb. 2014. Inskeep, Steve. “ Electric Cars Still Years Away from Paying Off.” NPR Moring Edition. 23 Feb. 2009:n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 23 Feb. 2014.
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