Hybrid Vehicles Are Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

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Hybrid vehicles, which are environmentally friendly vehicles, which will replace fossil fueled car in the future but they currently have a limited range and long fueling time. As fossil fuel resources start to become limited and non-environmentally friendly, car manufacturers are looking to find ways to make hybrid vehicles the future of transportation. Hybrid vehicles are beneficial since they are efficient, reduce pollution, and cut global emission than the current hybrids models. As such, hybrid-electric vehicles can have substantial public benefits for both the environment and for energy security. Hybrid vehicles can help reduce smog pollution by ninety percent or more in comparison to the cleanest conventional vehicles today. Hybrids also provides a rewarding tax insensitive in a way to get more people to buy and drive hybrid vehicles in order to help keep the environment clean. As for now, hybrids have their strengths and weaknesses that hasn’t been perfected yet, but they keep on getting better each year. The reason why hybrid vehicles get better gas mileage is because of the small electric motor that provides a little extra power to the small engine compared to the big gasoline powered engines. Even though hybrid vehicles have a short mile range with a small electric engine you can drive an extra mile to the gas station in case of an emergency when you accidently run out fuel. Hybrid cars are known to get five miles per gallon better mileage on average than a traditional internal combustion powered car. This means that for every tank of gas you fill with a hybrid car, you may get at least five times as many miles out of it than with a normal motor car. Hybrid vehicles tend to have fewer fuel consumptions due to having a... ... middle of paper ... ... combustion engine cars and they much more fuel efficient due to the fact of having a small electric motor supporting the small gasoline engine. Depending on which you live in, you may be entitled to get some rebates from the IRS for buying or leasing a hybrid vehicle. I think we will have double the amounts of hybrids on the road than what we have today. I think it’s important that the future replaces almost all the fossil fueled vehicles or else we will be wearing mask just like the people in china. I think in the future we will see more advanced hybrid vehicles that can travel much farther on a single charge. I could also see hybrid vehicles become cheaper to buy and maintain with car manufactures lie Tesla leading the way for future hybrids. In the future I hope to be driving a hybrid vehicle that looks stylish without having any impact to the air we breathe in.

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