Hybrid Vehicles

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The hybrid vehicle; the future of the automotive industry. People say it is the industry going green, the saving of the environment. Mostly because the hybrid pollutes much less than the normal all gasoline and diesel engines. People can get very sick from all the carbon dioxide from the exhaust gases that come from the car. But when you put together both the electric motor and the gasoline motor then you have less pollution. Pollution can result in the air being less dirty from all the gases that can mess up your lungs and get someone sick. Some people buy the hybrid for the money saving. And the gas milage. One reason to buy the hybrid is for traveling or for work. To get from point A to point B, without wasting much gas. This car is the perfect money saver. However will all the other features of this car make it the perfect purchase? Hybrid vehicles are the best choice because they are better for the environment and cost effective. A hybrid vehicle is a car with both a gasoline motor and an electric motor. There are many advantages and disadvantages in having a hybrid vehicle. Also it operates very differently. The car is used like a normal car would, but under the hood is completely different. The way it operates is when the car is going from roughly 0 to 40 mph, it is using the motor generator to power the wheels. And then from 40 mph and up the gasoline engine would turn on to power the wheels for higher speeds. Usually the motor generator is used for traffic and around the city but for the highway the gasoline engine will power the high speeds. The hybrid vehicle is the car to help the economy. It produces less emissions than an all gas/diesel. The only reason that it produces less emissions is because the gas is not on th... ... middle of paper ... case is high voltage. You have to be very careful when working on this. They have special tools when it comes to hybrids. The tools are covered on the orange insulation. And only the part of the tool that come in contact with the bolts is showing. The hybrid power cables transfer huge amounts of current to the high voltage components of the electric drive system. When it comes to the voltage system, there is the hybrid high voltage system, and the hybrid low voltage system. The low voltage system uses conventional 12 volts for all electric circuits except the hybrid drive system. And the high voltage system typically operates on voltage from around 250 volts to 650 volts. Most hybrids use a dual voltage system, a 12-volt battery and an HV battery pack. Both electrical systems are wired separately but interface through the ECU and hybrid power control module.
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