Hybrid Research Paper

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The Danger or Non Danger of the Hybrid Are all hybrids truly dangerous.:Should people have hybrids for pets? Even though people thank all hybrids are dangerous. not all hybrids are dangerous . Some people thank that hybrids are monsters but they are not monsters. they thank that they should be put down because they are too dangerous. what gives the people the right to take a life of a hybrid.Hybrids,when you think of the word what comes to mind cars, birds,dogs? Hybrid is any animal or object that been genetically altered. It is an interesting topic to stop and thank about. There are albino hybrids. Any animal can have an albino offspring. The hybrids can be albino some people say there is not albino hybrids. Albinism is the term for an albino. The gene can be passed down. The gene pool it can be unseen for many years. Hybrid wolves or wolf -dogs have a long history. When you here hybrids what do you thank of? What about a hybrid wolf , some people thank of wolves being a killer. Hybrid wolves sought after for many year because of it exotic look and its keen hunting ability. The wolf hybrid has a long history stared in England, the fearless receding sating was 10,000 years ago. But just as well as the hybrid named liger and tigon. The hybrid liger enjoys swimming.The ligers history goes all the way back to the early 19th century. Were it was haunted for its fur and its unusual size. There are even albino ligers. In some beliefs albino ligers are messengers of the gods. It is believed that if you kill an albino animal you and your family would be cursed forever. Now on to the grolar bears. The grolar bear is a hybrid between a grizzly bear and polar bear. The grolar will happen in the wi... ... middle of paper ... ...wn or yellow, or red. The fish can been dyed purple, green, and blue but it will shortens their life. This makes the blood parrots somewhat harder . In closing not all hybrid animals are dangerous but some are. You can have a hybrid animal for a pet. Yes some hybrid are dangerous it happens. Do you thank that all hybrid animals should be put down just because of one animals mistake. There are places you can go to adopt some hybrids or save some hybrids. Don't be part of killing hybrid stand up for the animal. save a life of an animal . You just may save some ones best friend. (4,5)Do you thank that the hybrid animal is a monster. If you see a hybrid wolf-dog,sheepig,Savannah,Coywolf, or any other hybrid animal would you kill it. If a person was waking with there hybrid wolf-dog or Savannah would you kill it. If so there not the monster you are.
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