Hybrid Electric Vehicle Essay

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A notable automotive manufacturer had asked Heliotrope Enterprises to conduct a detailed research on hybrid electric vehicles in terms of cost effectiveness, affordability and environmental issues. The main purpose of this research was to recommend a vehicle which is not only fuel efficient but also partially or fully dependent on electricity as compared to the conventional cars. The hybrid electric vehicle is the new generation car which works partially on electric battery and partially on the conventional combustion engine. This report is based upon extensive library and internet research as well as an interview with Zaman Qamar, performance engineer at General Motors. He is one of the team members for crash and safety department which deals with accidental issues during severe crash. This research showed those hybrid electric vehicles are more worth full for the following reasons:  Great fuel economy  Lesser emissions which helps in getting rid of environmental issues.  Smaller engine than the conventional engine  Automatic start/shutoff system which is one of the main cause for saving power.  Lower maintenance cost as compared to the high fuel prices On the basis of my research and finding, the implementation of the hybrid electric vehicle over the conventional vehicles is strongly recommended. This will eventually help us all in making a green environment and getting less dependent on the fossil fuel. Introduction: The drastically increasing prices of fossil fuels and gasoline were making it harder for a middle income people to afford conventional vehicles in the near future. The gasoline is a natural resource which is reducing the supply of our reserves every second. In order to keep the fuel prices in control... ... middle of paper ... ...p government to save thousands of dollars which they spend on anti-pollution stuff annually. The gasoline is non-recyclable and batteries are recyclable, which is another big advantage of hybrid electric vehicle as compared to conventional cars. The smaller size of hybrid electric vehicle improves fuel efficiency. Lesser oil is consumed and low maintenance is needed in order to run HEVs perfectly. Following fig 1.6 will show the difference of hybrid electric vehicle and conventional vehicle in term of fuel cost. According to my finding listed in this report, I highly recommend the proposal of new generation car or hybrid electric vehicle. This advanced vehicle will soon become the pioneer of the future auto industry. The implementation of such vehicle will definitely cut the cost of high prices of fuel and provide us a better and healthier environment to live.
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