Hybrid Cars Advantages And Disadvantages

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Nowadays, hybrid electric car is essential for our life. Many countries have new processes to release new type of car, which will helpful to save environment. The United States and Japan are the main countries which produce this type of car. Before creating hybrid vehicle, many engineers and manufacturers think about beneficial factors, such as easy availability, low cost and access of countries to new technologies. It means that they can solve any problems related with equipments of car. Unfortunately, natural resources of the Earth are exhaustible, such as fuel, coal, natural gas. Car manufacturers create hybrid car, which does not require high consumption of fuel. Michael H. (page 143, 2001) states that hybrid electric vehicle is technology which combines two different types of sources, such as gasoline engines and electric motors, hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is classified as use of more than one energy source. Johnchang K. (2013) suggests that car of the future is hybrid cars. It is considered, that gasoline fuel is used more effectively and toxic fumes are reducing number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Nowadays, hybrid cars become popular day by day because of these advantages and gasoline engine cars are unclaimed by more people, because purchase of hybrid cars are reducing of fuel prices. (20) However, besides some advantages this item has also several disadvantages. The aim of this report will try to analyse the main problems of hybrid vehicles which are faced by engineers and car manufacturers in modern society. Moreover, this report will suggest some possible solutions. Background 1.1 How is hybrid car work? Overview Dusckins B. (2012) offers stage of working of hybrid car. The electric engine works when ... ... middle of paper ... ...f gravity and weight distribution has a huge effect on how it drives. Vehicle manufacturers do their best to distribute the weight as well as they can, but it's just not possible to mitigate this factor completely. Hybrids are usually front-wheel drive, and the easiest and safest place for the batteries tend to be in the rear of the car. This distributes weight away from the drive wheels which tends to have a negative effect on performance” (Wakefield N., 2010) Higher maintenance costs. Hybrid vehicles also cost more to repair because of the complexity of the dual compulsion system used in most hybrid vehicles. Not all mechanics are trained or equipped to work on hybrid vehicles and repair bills will be larger than with standard ICE vehicles. Also, because of the increased weight of hybrid vehicles, you can expect to replace tires and brakes more frequently as well.

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