Hussaini Jewellery History

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Historic overview Hussaini Jewellers is a family business started by Late Tahir Ali Motiwala in Karachi after he migrated after independence from Mumbai. The business is currently run by Mr. Huzefa and Mr. Mansoor Motiwala. The family has been part of gems and jewellery sector since decades. Their history can be traced down to Busra, a city famous for its pearl (moti) which were extracted from sea. There great grandfather use to trade these which earned him this surname. Today real busra pearls have market worth thousands of Dollar but they are difficult to find. Before migration the same business was conducted in Mumbai and Ahmadabad. After partition the family moved to Karachi where they started the same business. Mr. Tahir was skilled in Diamond grading due to years of experience in this field. His sons have carried the legacy with same zeal and perfection. Introduction of the company Hussaini Jewellers is a registered firm started in 1973. This store is located in main sadder along with seventeen other Jewellery shop operating in the same vicinity. Hussaini Jewellers manufactures all types of jewellery items which includes diamond jewellery as well. They are specialist in colored stones specifically Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Pearls. With years of experience in this field they have developed a strong manufacturing network for all kinds of work. They have a specialist for every type of work to maintain a quality which builds loyalty amongst its customers. According to Mr Huzefa “Jewellery is not just any ordinary commodity like fruits or breads but it’s a product with emotions and sentiments attached to it” They try and give the best design which is available in the market. They differentiate themselves on quality of go... ... middle of paper ... ...g difficult. An entrepreneur would risk anything for his business but would never risk his or his family’s life in any case. Although Karachi is a favorable spot for business community but this scenario is changing quickly. Before taking any new step proper planning is required along with contingency planning. Future Prospects To stay competitive in Karachi Hussaini Jewellers has launched a Silver Retail outlet called Al Mufaddal Jawahir in January 2014. Consumers now prefer Jewellery which is cheaper and wearable. There is a huge market for these products in Karachi. This venture is a completely new setup from the current one. They have developed a new network of suppliers and manufacturers. This shop also focuses on selling the product online which is an emerging trend in the Pakistani Market. However success or failure for this category is yet to be known.

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