Husband Abuse is Not Receiving Enough Attention

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Although, husband abuse is common, it does not receive the attention it deserves. Subsequently, it is not perceived as serious let alone problematic in our society. In many cases, husband abuse is not taken seriously due to the higher rates and awareness of abused wives. While there are many resilient organizations in support of battered women, there is scarcely any funding or resources to assist battered husbands. Many that have worked with abused wives, both volunteers and professionals have come across a number of battered husbands who have pled for assistance. Considering the fact that some men were able to seek help with claims of having no other place to go, many residences were hesitant as well as incapable of helping them. (Sarantakos, 235) As a result of the abandonment and disregard of these men, countless women have gotten away with domestic violence. In the very few cases in which action was taken place, police were said to be less aggressive in the arrest process of women. With that being said, it is evident that police are more likely to show up and hold arrests if the victim of spousal violence is a woman, indicating that spousal violence towards men is not severe enough. (Steinmetz, 504)
Often times, people are quick to defend women who do indeed physically abuse their husbands as all cases of self-defense. While some women’s claims of self-defense may in fact be true, it has led to society’s belief that all culprits of husband abuse act out of self-defense. As opposed to finding a resolution to this problem by supporting these men, the same way others would support abused wives, people end up making excuses for the behaviour of some women. Some of these justifications include the desire for attention from their ...

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...ands would rather not speak about being in an abusive marriage for they may feel as if no one would really understand what they have been going through.
In essence, men who are victims of spousal abuse should be entitled to the same amount of stability and support women in the same situation receive. Regardless of the stereo-types society hold dear, men who experience abuse within their marriages are in just as much danger as anyone else that has been abused and should not feel any less of a man because of this. Although, most of the focus goes to abused women, it is important that people take action and bring awareness to battered men. It is also important that men in abusive situations find the courage to speak up about their experiences without feeling overruled, or having society judge them. Moreover, it is not only women, who are affected by spousal violence.
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